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Through art, the work of choreographers, dancers and filmmakers should inspire our communities to discover our shared humanity.

​Films submitted to the festival should reflect the beauty and synchronicity between the choreography of dance with the choreography of cinematography.

Narrative films of any length are eligible, as well as documentary films that capture stories from and around the world of dance.

The Rethink Dance Film Festival showcases artists in front of and behind the camera working to challenge the traditional structures of choreographic storytelling and artistic expression.

This category covers photographs from competitive events, social causes or gatherings, traditions or cultures.

This category includes dance imagery featuring bridges, buildings, cityscapes, historic landmarks, interiors or industrial sites.

This category should portray artistry of nature photography.

This category should highlight the most compelling imagery — illustrating courage, despair, hope, injustice, hate, compassion, human rights failures or victories in ways small and large. The photos should inspire people to get involved and take a stand for human rights.

photography categories

Narrative Fiction Feature
Narrative Fiction Features that are 45 minutes or more. This is a juried competition category.

Documentary Film Submission
Non Fiction Features that are 45 minutes or more. This is a juried competition category.
Narrative Short Film 
Narrative Fiction Short Films less than 45 minutes. This is a juried competition category.

Documentary Short Film
Documentary Short Films less than 45 minutes. This is a juried competition category.

Animation / Experimental Film
Animated or experimental films. This is a juried competition category.

Student Choreographers & Filmmakers
The Student Filmmaker’s category pays special attention to young choreographers and filmmakers. This is a juried competition category.

RTDFF Photography Contest 
We will accept 5 images per photographer total. Photographers may submit one or multiple categories, or submit without a category preference.

film categories

Each category within the festival will host a juried competition for "Best of...".

Additionally, an executive committee will award a "Best of Show" award annually to recognize a work with high artistic and informational value. Additional awards may be given within each category at the judgment of the jury (i.e. best cinematographer, editing, sound, etc.).

Filmmakers who have their films selected for the festival will receive an admissions package to the festival.


Entry fees are non-refundable.

Filmmakers and artist must be authorized to submit their films to RTDFF, and have appropriate permissions and clearances for their films or art pieces.

Once selected as a part of the official festival, a film may not pull out of the festival or withdraw its submission.

Rules & Terms

Charlie Chan Foon has had a love for dance ever since he could walk. He learned and performed pacific cultural dances from an early age which moved on to Hip Hop from the age of 10 and eventually Street Latin.

Charlie earned a a bachelor of Performing Arts degree from Auckland University studying many other styles such as ballet, modern dance and jazz.

Charlie has travelled and performed around New Zealand and Australia, from private schools to corporate events, wineries and television promotions. Charlie is part of the dance community in Perth and still continues to dance. He believes that living is moving, moving is dancing and dancing is freedom. 

Charlie Chan Foon

Craig is the Director of Theatre Arts at Minnesota State University Moorhead where he teaches in the area of acting, directing, musical theatre, movement and dance. 

 During his recent sabbatical he finished the Professional Training Program, a year-long study, with the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre. He holds a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre Performance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a M.F.A. in Theatre Directing from Minnesota State University Mankato.

 "Tell me and I will forget,
Show me and I may not remember,
Involve me and I will understand."
~ Anonymous

Craig Ellingson

As someone who has grown up in multicultural, multi-linguistic settings, movement has always felt like Anita’s primary language. Taiwan born, New Zealand raised, and New York matured, dance grew and stretched how she viewed and interacted with life. Trained since the age of 4, spending most of her time in the studio, studied a range of styles through several academies, she continued to study it as a Bachelor of Performing Arts majoring in Dance at the University of Auckland. She discovered her “voice” in Contemporary, Modern, and Hip Hop where she was a member of a number of groups who won awards and traveled countries to perform. 

During her studies in NZ, she also studied and trained at Taipei National University of Arts for the lead female role as a dancer in a Taiwanese film, “Me, 19”. She then moved to New York where she worked as a dancer and choreographer on a number of music videos, live showcases, was involved in several projects honing skills in a handful of production roles for major ads, film, campaigns, events, as well as Directing short series, found a sense of expression in set design, and conceptualizing creative content from beginning to end. Needless to say, her creativity and skillset expanded and these experiences broadened her as an artist. 

Anita believes that the beauty of art is that there lies limitless potential and one cannot be boxed in. What moves her most are concepts carrying depth, layered thoughts and ideas, vulnerability, and connections of shared truths in life. She considers herself a “Soul Seeker”, whether it is within oneself, in others, in nature, in projects, in vision - She implores herself to dig deep; acknowledge, see, experience, to get to know the soul of what is shared, and she hopes to inspire and encourage others to do the same.

Anita Keys-Lee

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Rethink Dance Youth Film Festival (RTDYFF) is a film festival in March open to middle and high school youth.

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