regsteration open 5/4

If you think you can't learn today's Tik Tok trends - think again!
Join our live & Online TikTok Dance Classes and learn up to 1-3
TikTok dances per session! We will vote on new dances every session! 

beginning in may


on sale june 27th

The Rethink Dance Film Festival showcases artist in front of and behind the camera working to challenge the traditional structures of choreographic storytelling and artistic expression. We are excited to bring a virtual experience to you this summer! 

august 11-21

Rethink Dance virtual
Film Festival 2021

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This class is a method of practicing movement. We explore innovative ways of moving by responding to what is happening in our space with intention and purpose. We learn to understand patterns within ourselves to create positive changes in our lives and others. The art of Reinvented Space is to learn to heal and help each other learn to adapt to life's every changing circumstances with support and encouragement. 


reinvented space