We are on a mission to create a global community committed to understanding others, shifting perceptions, and changing lives.

What makes us stand out: “We provide opportunities that empower people to be the choreographers of their own lives so they can fulfill their highest purpose".

Rethink Dance identifies as a way of life, a social movement inspired by movement.

What is rethink Dance?

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Rethink Dance later become known to help "challenge and inspire people to discover their shared humanity."

We aim to help people to discover a deeper level of understanding of others to better understand ourselves. By understanding ourselves we can identify patterns needed to change in order to create a brighter future. 

In 2010, the vision of "Rethink Dance" began with the idea to "change the direction of dance in our world".

History & Vision

Haylee Thompson is a dance enthusiast from Willmar, Minnesota. Haylee studied Dance Education at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. This experience inspired her to bring back her knowledge in teaching dance to all ages and abilities to the Fargo-Moorhead area. 

As a leader, Haylee encourages people around her to pursue their passions and be exactly who they were created to be. Her positivity and authenticity inspires others to reach their highest potential. Her portfolio includes experience in non-profit organizations, program development, choreography, dance education, and more. 

In 2010, Haylee had a vision of creating "Rethink Dance" which would "change the direction of dance in our world" and later become known to help "challenge people to discover their shared humanity." She believes that through movement and motivation we can increase quality of life across the globe. In 2018, she launched "Rethink Dance Film Festival." It was then that she realized how her vision was so much more than she could have imagined. She is excited to continue to share her love for the art of dance with the world and continue to provide a platform for artist to share their work.

Haylee Thompson

Meet the founder

Magali An Berthon

Absolutely delightful!! Great communications and a great festival.
Thanks so much for having Silt this year, and providing a platform for youth projects too.

Erika O'Neill

Grateful to be a part of this festival! ❤

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